Heroes do not need hair

It is hard to believe that we are going on 18 straight days in the hospital. In some ways it feels like an eternity, in other ways it feels like time has stopped. Quite honestly things feel surreal, as Michael looks and acts the way he always has … the way any rambunctious 3 year old should. But deep down inside, we know the world has shifted and life as we know it is changed. 

Today was a reminder of that when Michael started to lose his hair. Small, fine stands of hair all over his hospital pillow, bed and jammies. In the grand scheme of things, this should not feel like a big deal, but it is a subtle reminder that his diagnosis is real and this horrible illness will be on display for the entire world to see. I pray that kids are nice and that no one casts judgement. And I pray that his brothers are not alarmed by the drastic physical changes that will impact our sweet boy before they get to see him next.  

We keep trying to remind ourselves that the road to recovery is long and we are still at the starting line, but we have courage, love, family and friends at our backs. Nevertheless, days like today are tolling. 

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day and we will learn to be thankful for all the struggles we will go through in life. I’m hopeful they will make us stronger, wiser, more patient and kind. I am confident these struggles will not break us … They will make us. 

After all, who ever said heroes needed hair?

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